Lasätter Gård
Nyköping, Södermanland
fr. 600 SEK/pers
fr. 600 SEK / pers

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  • doneOne night in a double room
  • doneBed linen & towels
  • done1 x breakfast
  • doneFree Wifi

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

Not far from Nyköping, in the middle of the southern countryside, is Lasätter Farm. Here there are elder bushes on the knot, a fertile agricultural landscape and forests for relaxing walks. In the yard there are stables, riding houses and courses in personal development. A place that is perfect for getting down in turns.

Many people who cycle in the area choose the road via Lasätter towards Lunda Skog because it is low traffic and paved. The goal is often the ferry to Kvarsebo, which then leads over to Vikbolandet.

For those who come by bicycle there is much to do in the yard and in the surroundings. Here you will find a sauna and loft for socializing in the guest house. Lasätters Farm offers its own adventure packages focusing on children, nature, crafts, culture, health and well-being as well as food and drink. You can get great tips on bike excursions that can include both swimming and exciting local history. Why not shop locally produced? Handmade elderflower juice and jam are made from the elderberry growing on the farm.

Number of beds: In the converted Guest Drawer there are 12 beds and in direct connection another three newly built double rooms. There is also a spacious kitchen in Gästladan. Pets are welcome (pre-booked).

See and experience

  • local_seeKungshagens playground
  • local_seeNyköpinghus
  • local_seeNyköpingshus
  • local_seePalstorp Adventure Farm and Forest Village
  • local_seeSaint Nicolai Church
  • local_seeSörmlands Museum

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