Årås Kvarn & hostel
Blidsberg, Västergötland
fr. 415 SEK/pers
fr. 415 SEK / pers

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  • doneOne night in a double room
  • doneBed linen & towels
  • done1 x breakfast

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

Årås mill stands on Tidan's beach, midway between the lakes Vogen and Vållern, and lies beautifully embedded in meadows and still country roads.

The hostel has eight picturesquely decorated rooms, each one decorated according to widely different eras of previous owners and servants at Årås Säteri. In the wing opposite the hostel is the old boy's cottage from the 18th century. In the building is a beautiful wedding suite, newly renovated in a style that is contemporary to the house.

Enjoy supper at the BBQ
Between June 1 and August 10, breakfast is served in Kvarnen, but breakfast can also be served on other dates after reconciliation with Årås mill's hostess. If you want to prepare a culinary meal in the open air, there is a barbecue hut available for guests at Tidan's beach. If you want to rent a boat for fishing or recreation, there are also. Fishing licenses are sold at the reception and in Lake Jogern there are both pike and perch.

Cycle along the adorable beautiful Änglagårds trail
One kilometer walk from the hostel there is a lovely bathing lake and if you want to rent bikes then it is excellent. Starting from Årås mill, the famous Angel Trail, 27 km long, extends from Årås to Hössna, which among other things has inspired Colin Nutley to the Änglagårds films, which he then recorded in the area.

Number of beds: In total there are 28 sleeping places divided into 6 quadruple rooms and 2 twin rooms, and there is a kitchen for self-catering and a nice gathering room. Pets are welcome (pre-booked).

Bicycle Maps

  • Bicycle map 21 The water around the North Cover

    Bicycle map Vättern around (northern part)

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  • Bicycle map 18 North Västergötland cover

    Bicycle map North Västergötland

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  • Bicycle map 17 Southern Bohuslän cover

    Bicycle map Södra Bohuslän

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  • Bicycle map 14 The water around the southern cover

    Bicycle map Vättern around (southern part)

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  • Bicycle map 13 South Västergötland cover

    Bicycle map South Västergötland

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  • Bicycle map 12 Västergötland Gothenburg cover

    Bicycle map Västergötland / Gothenburg

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