Ol-Ers Hälsingegård
Järvsö, Hälsingland
fr. 350 kr / pers

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All this is included

  • doneOne night stay (part of double room)
  • done1 x breakfast
  • doneAccess to sauna
  • doneFree Wifi

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

Despite all the technical achievements, we are happy to stay in older, homely environments from earlier centuries. For those who are interested in old houses that have been carefully renovated, it is perfect to spend the night at Ol-Ers in Kåsjö village in Järvsö. A classic Hälsingegård that has been renovated according to old craftsmanship. Forged nails and old stencils have been repainted, beautiful original doors and windows are back in place. The rooms are decorated with homemade woven rugs and linen curtains.

After today's cycling in the beautiful countryside of Hälsingland, you sleep in comfortable beds in two large cottages in the 19th century environment. Here you can stay in a single room, double room or wedding suite. The view is fantastic as Ol-Ers is located on the beach of Ljusnan. It is no exaggeration to say that it is historic land you roll in with the bike. The length of ownership of the estate goes back to 1523. It is the same year that Gustav Eriksson Vasa was elected king in Sweden.

Despite the peaceful location, there are plenty of activities to do right on the knot. Ten minutes walk away is the visitor facility Stenegård, which is operated by Ljusdal municipality. There are many other restaurants, cafés, craft shops, art galleries and not least Lill-Bab's museum.

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Järvsö, Hälsingland