Accident insurance is included

As an extra care, you are covered by accident insurance (contract number K 64945) during your bicycle journey. The insurance is provided by Folksam and applies when you have made a booking of a completed bicycle package through our web service (ie contacted the travel company via our contact form "Book here"). In order for the insurance to apply, it is important that everyone in the company is named at the time of booking.

The insurance covers Nordic citizens and citizens residing within the EU, and applies in Sweden during the time the booked activity is in progress and during direct travel to / from the activity.

In case of injury, contact Folksam at tel 0771-950 950. Here you can read the full insurance policy.

insurance coverage
acute CompensationNot more than 6% of a base price amount
dental CostsNot more than 60% of a base price amount
Clipped clothes
in connection with care

Damaged clothes and glasses

Not more than 15% of a base price amount

Not more than 30% of a base price amount

Medical invalidity
For degrees of disability 1-4%Compensation is paid with 1% of SEK 500,000
At disability grades 5-74%Compensation is estimated at SEK 500,000
At disability degrees 75% and higher1 000 000 kr
Deaths (lump sum regardless of cause of death)1 price base amount
crisis CounselingA maximum of 10 treatment sessions