About our lecturers

Swedish bicycle tourism has a great potential for development. To utilize it, current knowledge is needed. Sweden by Bike has developed a course concept that is aimed at those who know a lot about the tourism industry, but who need to build on with specialized knowledge about bicycle tourism. We collaborate with some of the leading experts in the field in Sweden. Here is a brief presentation of our lecturers.

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Hanna Bergman

Hanna is a civil engineer in technical environmental care and has worked for 20 years with environmental and sustainability issues. Among other things, she has been Sustainability Manager at Falu Energi & Vatten. In addition, Hanna is an elite elite cyclist who has been on the podium six times in Cykelvasan (and refuses to quit despite her 46 years). Today she runs her own company together with her husband with a focus on sustainability. Engaged lecturer who works out the concepts and makes the sustainability issue understandable and tangible.

Sustainable in Dalarna AB

Suzanne Gadd

Suzanne is a lecturer, project manager and mentor to the visiting industry. Has worked with the development of the Kattegatt Trail. Has worked as a bicycle guide in Mallorca and Austria, but has also been bank director and business manager. Emphasizes the importance of business acumen and has an eye for the luscious in product development. Suzanne works according to a self-developed model that she calls the "Myllamodellen". A needs analysis of the cyclist and his willingness to pay. It's about so, letting ideas grow (grinding solutions along the way) and then harvesting.

Suzanne Gadd

Katarina Rönnbacka Nybäck

Katarina has extensive experience in building up MTB areas and MTB routes. She played a central role when Bergslagen Cycling was created and has trained mountain bikers, guided and arranged camps. Today, Katarina works full time in her company and helps municipalities, regions and companies to make the same journey as she and Örebro counties have done. Katarina is an educated educator, bicycle trainer and process manager in Kurbit's business development and has also worked with tourism and the hospitality industry at the regional level for 8 years.

Bike in Bergslagen AB

The team behind Sweden by Bike

Lecturers from Sweden by Bike have different types of background and skills. Experience in business development in travel, insurance, real estate and transport. Cycling tourism of course and experience in building Sweden by Bike as a portal. We also have journalistic expertise and long experience of communication in business. We also work with lectures, courses and seminars on bicycle tourism. Add to that digital design, web development and programming.

Sweden by Bike